DoD's Better Buying Power to add cyber

The forthcoming final version of Better Buying Power 3.0 will address cybersecurity, said Frank Kendall, DoD under secretary for acquisition, technology and logistics.

A draft version of the document released last September lacked cyber as a category. Kendall promised the final version will address it. The release date is not yet set.

Kendall mentioned his wish to address cyber in a January update of Instruction 5000.02. "I have already initiated work on a new enclosure that will deal with the increasingly serious problem of designing for and managing cyber-security in our programs," he wrote. "We must do a better job of protecting our systems and everything associated with them from cyber threats."

Resource: Read the Instruction 5000.02 Transmittal Letter

In March, Kendall addressed the issue anew at a Bloomberg Government Forum.

"We worry about the weapons systems themselves and all of the connectivity they might have," Kendall said, as quoted in Defense News. "These are ways in which a cyber threat can launch an attack, you can think of it as an attack surface, if you will."

At that event, Kendall noted the relatively unmapped territory ahead.

"We have a long way to go and I'm not sure where this trail will lead ultimately," Kendall said of the cybersecurity effort, "but we absolutely have to do a better job of protecting everything about our weapons systems, birth to death."

Launched in 2010, Better Buying Power is an effort to amplify DoD's ability to procure needed goods and services using a set of best practices. According to DoD, it "encompasses a set of fundamental acquisition principles to achieve greater efficiencies through affordability, cost control, elimination of unproductive processes and bureaucracy, and promotion of competition."

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