Government’s core acquisition office gets a familiar face in charge

The General Services Administration announced Jan. 30 that its Federal Acquisition Service will formally be led by its current acting leader, Julie Dunne.

“Julie’s extensive background in federal acquisition policy and experience in the executive branch, private sector and Congress provides a valuable foundation for her leadership role at GSA,” said Emily Murphy, GSA’s administrator, in a news release.

“Julie’s addition to our leadership team demonstrates our commitment to remaining an agency that attracts the best talent in service to the nation. I am excited to work with her as she implements her vision for continuing GSA’s work to modernize and streamline government.”

Dunne’s selection as acting FAS commissioner occurred in early October of last year, after then-commissioner Alan Thomas announced that he would be leaving for the private sector, just one day after the agency released news of a major step forward in one of its core acquisition reforms: consolidating the Multiple Award Schedule Contract.

FAS has been at the center of many of GSA’s ambitious acquisition reforms, all geared at reducing duplication, making federal buying easier and generating more data about the government’s purchasing habits.

Dunne joined GSA in May 2018, prior to which she worked staff director on the Government Operations Subcommittee of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and as senior counsel on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

“I’m pleased to lead the FAS team as we continue to drive progress on a number of acquisition reform and IT modernization efforts — all with the goal of helping our customer agencies advance their missions and save taxpayer dollars,” Dunne said in the news release.

“I’m fortunate to be in a position to implement some of the procurement policies I helped create on Capitol Hill. I’m committed to maintaining our positive momentum to ensure we have a modern procurement environment that is innovative and efficient.”

In addition to formalizing Dunne’s position, GSA also announced that acting Deputy Commissioner Tom Howder would be dropping the “acting” qualifier to serve officially in the deputy position.

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