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GSA needs better control of telework, IG finds

The General Services Administration needs much better control over its telework program, according to a new Inspector General report.

GSA does not even know for sure how many virtual employees it has, and some of them work under arrangements that were never fully approved, the IG found. The audit took place between April 2013 and January 2014.

Resource: Read the IG Report

GSA's Office of Human Resources Management (then called Office of the Chief People Officer) maintains the master list of virtual employees, as GSA policy requires. However, the list contained 454 names when the IG audit took place, and officials did not know whether the employees were virtual (full-time teleworkers) or satellite (employees who work at a GSA facility different from the division in which they work), and could not be sure the list was accurate.

In addition, the telework arrangements for a sample of virtual employees the IG examined had never been fully approved.

Other findings:

  • Travel costs related to virtual work arrangements were not assessed annually.
  • Official duty stations were incorrect for some virtual employees.
  • Virtual employee hours were not accurately reported.
  • GSA needs to improve controls over transit subsidies.
  • Many GSA teleworkers have not taken required training.

In her response to the report, GSA Chief Human Capital Officer Antonia Harris said GSA concurs with the findings and already has actions either underway or planned that will address them.

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