Federal employees face many decisions as they plan retirement, and the options they have are not always easy to understand. Picking investments can feel like throwing darts blindfolded in a dark room.

Federal Times has created the Federal Retirement University to bring back the light. In partnership with certified financial planner Mike Miles, we have created a curriculum plan to cover all aspects of federal retirement planning. The first two lessons are available now, and more are coming very soon.

Our retirement assessment is a good place to start, to see how much you already know about federal retirement — and how much you still need to learn.

Feel free to explore the site, and check back often for updates. You can also subscribe to a special alert email that will let you know when a new lesson module goes live.

FRU main page

FRU retirement assessment

Send feedback, questions and comments to: FederalRetirementUniversity@FederalTimes.com

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