The Air Force's nuclear missile alert facilities are now wireless hotspots.

Air Force Global Strike Command announced today that the service's 45 missile alert facilities will now feature wireless Internet as a new incentive to help the quality of life for missileers deployed to the remote facilities.

"Delivering Wi-Fi capability to each one of the 45 MAFS provides our airmen access for morale and recreational purposes, and does so using their own personal devices," Maj. Scott Papineau, AFGSC communications plans and policies branch chief said in a release.

The missile alert facilities can be up to 140 miles away from the nearest Air Force base, and often lack a signal for airmen to use their own electronic devices. Airmen are deployed to the alert facilities for three to four days at a time.

"Most MAFs are serviced by different local telephone companies that operate with different rules and procedures," Papineau said. "Partnering with Verizon, we were able to get the work done by dealing with these multiple telecommunication companies to perform the work at each location."

The command worked with the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico, to get approval for the new Wi-Fi access points because of concerns that the signals could interfere with other systems.

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