The government wants better insight into its technology business management and has looked to industry for help.

The General Services Administration put out a request for information June 18 on ways the federal government can “efficiently aggregate and analyze data” on how IT dollars are spent.

“GSA was one of the first federal agencies to implement TBM and is pleased to co-lead this effort to increase data accountability and transparency governmentwide through the [President’s Management Agenda],” said GSA Administrator Emily Murphy. “Increasing transparency on IT spending will empower federal leaders to make better informed, data-driven decisions and provide greater accountability when investing taxpayer dollars on needed IT solutions.”

The RFI includes any insights industry can provide on how to use advanced data analytics tools, such as artificial intelligence and data mining, to develop a standardized view of IT spending across the federal government.

In addition, industry can provide insight into any software or services that “support the preparation and adoption of standard taxonomies” for categorizing and classifying available data.

“The intent of the Federal Government is not to replace any existing agency systems that capture data useful in TBM but rather to use advanced data analytical tools and services, APIs and the TBM taxonomy to make fuller use of the data,” the RFI said.

The agency will host a virtual industry event June 26 to offer more information on how the government intends to use TBM to increase IT spending transparency. Those interested in responding to the RFI have until 6 p.m. July 9 to submit a written statement for their software solution or service solution to be presented at a reverse industry day July 27 and 30.