The National Institute of Standards and Technology plans to issue a set of government standards and tools for adopting artificial intelligence and began the process of developing those with a request for information released May 1.

“This notice requests information to help NIST understand the current state, plans, challenges and opportunities regarding the development and availability of AI technical standards and related tools, as well as priority areas for federal involvement in AI standards-related activities,” the request for information, posted to the Federal Register, reads.

“To assist in developing the Plan, NIST will consult with federal agencies, the private sector, academia, non-governmental entities and other stakeholders with interest in and expertise relating to AI.”

The standards were mandated by a Feb. 11 executive order, which requires the Secretary of Commerce and director of NIST to develop a plan for how their agencies can establish guidelines that support the adoption of AI.

“NIST will be informed through an open process that will include this RFI and other opportunities, such as a public workshop, to provide input. NIST expects to develop a draft plan on which it will seek comment from the public and federal agencies,” the RFI reads.

The RFI asks respondents to provide insight on the current state and plans for AI, the needs and challenges in the space, and the current and future role federal agencies should play in the establishment of AI standards and tools.

Those interested in responding have until May 31 to submit comments by mail or via email, and all comments received by the deadline will be posted to the NIST website.