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Can new tech help nip inefficiency in the bud at HUD?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development wants to centralize and improve its records management and customer service operations — expanding cloud adoption, data analytics and visualization to minimize pain points — and it’s using a partnership with the General Services Administration’s Technology and Transformations Services unit to procure technology.

HUD and GSA, partners in the Centers of Excellence program, have issued six requests for information to determine what vendors have to offer, to be awarded off IT Schedule 70.

The Centers of Excellence launched in December 2017 as a pilot to jump-start IT modernization. Following a move to the implementation phase at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the program’s lighthouse agency, CoE parent agencies GSA and the White House Office of American Innovation chose HUD as the second participant (recently adding the Office of Management and Budget as the third).

HUD used Phase I of its CoE implementation to assess its priorities, identifying the following six interrelated needs:

  • For the cloud adoption team: accelerate the migration of paper-based forms to web-based forms and manage all the legacy data and new data that will go with those forms;
  • For the contact center team: centralize HUD’s knowledge base and customer inquiries into one contact center called HUDCentral;
  • For the customer experience team: build an agencywide customer experience capability;
  • And for the data analytics team, three needs: set up an Office of the Chief Data Officer, which will manage data as a strategic asset across HUD; use data visualization techniques to create dashboards that provide HUD stakeholders with key data points and increase financial transparency; and utilize advanced analytics techniques to ensure data-driven decision making is established throughout HUD.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how these efforts will further transform the agency and make it more accountable to our customers,” said HUD Chief Operating Officer Ralph Gaines in a news release.

The six RFIs, and their associated draft requests for quotation, can be found on GSA’s GitHub repository. These will be open for comment until noon EDT on Fri., May 31.

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