Feds shares guidance to help colleagues transition to cloud networks

GSA's Data Center Optimization Initiative Program Management Office published a whitepaper on the Infrastructure as a Service Consideration for the Data Center Community to share the successes, lessons learned and any feedback about cloud transformation, according to

The federal government requires cloud infrastructure to be used when agencies are optimizing, consolidating and creating new applications. The white paper details common findings and tips on four main subjects to help improve understanding and mitigate challenges faced while transitioning to the cloud. The four subjects include: business drivers, organization readiness, migration considerations and organizational impact.

The section on "Business Drivers" covers the areas included in the justification for a cloud transformation, which include the cost, application modernization and faster software delivery.

"Organizational Preparedness" details the considerations that should be made when an agency organizes the transition, such as a change in operation mindset, security posture and application efficiencies.

"Migration Considerations" include the gaps between the existing environment and the cloud destination that should be considered like the pricing structures, virtualization, limited data, third party support and the services that are/aren't FedRAMP approved.

"Organizational Impacts" include the changes that an organization will need to consider to help be cloud smart, such as staffing, costs, security risks and policy considerations.

The DCOI PMO provides organizations with guidance on tools and resources that can be used throughout a cloud transition. 

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