The shared services branch of the General Services Administration has a plan for agencies looking to cast off their legacy IT systems.

The Unified Shared Services Management Office released its Modernization and Migration Management, or M3, playbook on Aug. 3, laying out its game plan for how to navigate an IT migration while mitigating the risk involved in the shift.

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The playbook lays out what USSM officials call the M3 Framework, six phases to guide agency leaders on each step of the migration process, accounting for both the objectives and risks associated with the IT shift.

"The Playbook is designed around a series of detailed activities that should be completed within each phase, and reflects lessons learned to help customers and providers better assess and manage risk throughout the migration," the USSM website said of the release.

The migration strategy is also matched by a series of risk-based reviews called the Investment Review Process, which will be managed by an Investment Review Board—a body that will assess the risk of migration phase and will make recommendations to both agencies and OMB about the process.

The playbook debuted two days after OMB announced a partnership with GSA its Data Center Optimization Initiative, which seeks to consolidate data center footprints and infrastructure.

Shifting federal IT from legacy systems to more agile development structures has been a major goal of the Obama administration, with Federal CIO Tony Scott saying that as much three-quarters of the government's IT budget is spent on maintaining the current systems.