Even before the fiscal year 2020 budget season is over, the Trump administration has already looked to 2021 budgeting, with new guidance reminding agencies of their requirement to report their IT spend with a standard taxonomy beginning that year.

The FY2021 IT budget guidance, released June 28 by the Office of Management and Budget, relies on Technology Business Management, an open-source taxonomy for how organizations classify and talk about technology investments that is designed to standardize discussions about IT across industries.

“OMB is leveraging this widely adopted open-source taxonomy, which is used within private, public and academic sectors and is generating significant value by enabling leaders to manage the cost, quality and value of their IT services,” the guidance said.

“Leveraging a taxonomy that provides a standard business model for IT and is proactively managed by a nonprofit organization also alleviates some of the burden for the government to identify, define and achieve consensus on the standards and terms used.”

The government has relied on a phased approach for adopting TBM thus far, and agencies are expected to standardize investment reports over the next three years across nine categories: IT security and compliance, IT management, network, data center and cloud, end user, output, application, delivery and platform.

According to the report, the standardization of reporting language will help empower agency chief information officers, a priority outlined in both legislation and a recent White House executive order.

“OMB’s intent is to strongly support CIOs in implementing the authorities within Federal IT Acquisitions Reform Act,” the guidance said.

“Aligning common investments like data centers, end-user devices (e.g., laptops, desktops and mobile devices), software, and networks and linking budget and performance is critical to make informed decisions about the performance of these investments. Standard IT Investments and associated investment reports will capture relevant information to inform decisions and management oversight.”

Agencies are expected to submit their FY2021 Draft Agency IT Investment Portfolio Summary by Aug. 19, 2019, kicking off the start of requirements for full, standardized TBM implementation.