Modernizing aging IT infrastructure will be a key priority for federal agencies in the coming year, according to the Acendre 2018 “Federal Government Human Capital Trends to Watch.”

According to the report “the push for IT modernization seems on an unstoppable path” due to both bipartisan congressional support and the new administration’s emphasis on improving employee performance.

“The new administration’s changes regarding the federal workforce have had a significant impact on agencies,” said Mike Giuffrida, co-founder and CEO of Acendre. “From recruitment efforts, staffing levels, performance and engagement initiatives, workforce planning and more, federal human capital and HR leaders are required to navigate this landscape with an understanding of the current situation, but with an eye to the future. ”

Of the top 10 trends identified in the study, six had to do with IT and digital concerns: IT modernization, data analytics, automated performance management, a connected workforce, enhanced security and focus on artificial intelligence.

The report’s top 10 tends for 2018 were:

  1. Push for IT modernization
  2. Increased importance of analytics
  3. Continued momentum for automating performance management
  4. Emphasis on employee engagement and experience
  5. Budgetary pressure
  6. A connected workforce
  7. Increasing age of the workforce
  8. Push to “run government like a business”
  9. Pressure on enhancing security
  10. Focus on AI

IT modernization, budgetary pressure and automated performance management carried over from last year’s eight predictions for human resources leaders in 2017.

The full report can be found on the Acendre website.

Jessie Bur covers federal IT and management.

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