Jeff Pon, the recently confirmed Office of Personnel Management director, has called on agency heads to ensure that anyone appointed to the Chief Human Capital Officers Council from their agency should be a “very senior-level” person that “serves as an integral part of the leadership team.”

“With major civil service reforms, information technology modernization efforts and changes to various federal benefit programs under consideration, I need the advice and assistance of the most senior management officials in planning and implementing human capital initiatives,” Pon wrote in a April 23, 2018, memo.

The CHCO Council was established by the Chief Human Capital Officers Act of 2002 and is responsible for advising the director of OPM on human capital strategies and policies. The OPM director also has the authority to designate additional members to the council beyond the chief human capital officers of executive departments.

“The CHCO should share accountability with the other members of the leadership team for the agency’s bottom line performance, mission results, accountability and best use of taxpayer money,” Pon wrote.

Agencies have until April 27, 2018, to confirm their designations to the CHCO Council.