Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced July 5 that he had filled the second of two new leadership roles created at the agency to enhance coordination and policy planning.

The deputy chief of staff for policy position at HHS will be filled by Paul Mango, currently chief of staff at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The creation of the deputy chief of staff for policy role — as well as the deputy chief of staff for operations and strategy position, which will be filled by Judy Stecker — was announced in mid-June as part of a broader leadership realignment at the agency.

“HHS has an incredibly broad mission and a deep team of highly qualified leaders who are executing on it every day. Having a deputy chief of staff for policy will help our leaders better coordinate their work, support each other and achieve results together,” Azar said in a news release.

“Paul is a highly regarded healthcare and policy leader whom I have known for more than a decade, and I cannot imagine a better choice for this new role. Promoting Paul as deputy chief of staff for policy, under Chief of Staff Brian Harrison and alongside Judy Stecker as deputy chief of staff for operations and strategy, is part of ongoing efforts to organize HHS in a way that will maximize progress on our shared goals. With President Trump’s strong commitment to our mission, this expanded HHS leadership team will deliver even more impressive results for the American people.”

Mango joined CMS in July 2018, prior to which he ran a 2018 campaign to be elected governor of Pennsylvania and was a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, a management consultation business.

“Having Paul as the department’s chief policy planner and coordinator is a major advance for our ability to deliver on the department’s mission and the secretary’s strategic vision for HHS. I have enjoyed working with Paul for the past year and have been impressed by his leadership at CMS,” said Chief of Staff Brian Harrison in the news release.

“Adding him to the leadership team in the secretary’s office will be an invaluable contribution to the work of all HHS leaders. I look forward to working with him and Judy as part of an expanded, cohesive team that continues to deliver on the vision President Trump and Secretary Azar have for HHS.”