“I retired in 2002 from USPS with almost 37 years of service. My wife retired from GM in 1999 and continued paying into SS for 14 more years and started drawing her SS when she was 62. She passed in 2020 from Alzheimers. Would I be able to apply for a survivors benefit or would my CSRS retirement be too high for me to qualify?

Reg’s Response

Because you worked under a retirement system where you didn’t pay Social Security taxes, any Social Security spousal or survivor benefit will be offset by the Government Pension Offset provision of law. The GPO will reduce that benefit by two-thirds of the amount of your CSRS annuity. So, for example, if your CSRS annuity was $1,200, two-thirds of that or $800, will be used to offset your Social Security spousal or survivor benefit. In some cases, that benefit is entirely eliminated.

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