81 small businesses get a spot on $15B GSA Alliant 2 SB contract

The General Services Administration has announced that it awarded its 10-year, $15 billion Alliant 2 Small Business IT acquisition contract to 81 offerors, formalizing many of the pre-awards it announced for the contract in December 2017.

“The award of the Alliant 2 Small Business contract is a major milestone that demonstrates GSA’s continuing commitment to small business and to providing federal agencies with the IT solutions they need to fulfill their critical missions,” said GSA Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Alan B. Thomas in a news release.

“As IT modernization takes center stage in the administration’s drive to create a more efficient and effective government, GSA’s Alliant contracts will continue to be an important tool for agencies looking to enhance and improve their IT operations in service of American taxpayers.”

Two companies have filed lawsuits with the U.S. Court of Federal Calims over the Alliant 2 contract awards. (moodboard)
Alliant 2 protests to go to court

Two companies have filed lawsuits with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims over the award of the General Service Administration’s Alliant 2 contract, hitting the breaks on the second version of GSA’s best-in-class Alliant vehicle.

The pre-award was initially offered to 80 small businesses out of a total 493 proposals, contingent on potential challenges to the small business statuses of awardees. Of those, Superlatives Technologies Inc., Avineon Inc. and AEEC LLC were not included in the final award.

Four companies that did not make the pre-award were included in GSA’s final award notice, meaning that they are still subject to contingent status pending challenges to their small business size.

The contract was initially intended for the top 80 highest technically rated offerors, but allowances for a tie at 80th position enabled the contract to include one additional small business.

“These solutions provide a solid foundation to address growing needs to modernize the government’s IT infrastructure, implement leading-edge technology solutions, and enable improved service to our citizens,” said assistant commissioner of the GSA Office of Information Technology Category Kay Ely.

The 81 awardees are:

  • Advanced Software Systems, Inc.
  • Agile Defense, Inc.
  • Alutiiq Business Services, LLC
  • ASRC Federal Data Network Technologies, LLC
  • *Atlas Technologies, Inc.
  • aXseum Solutions, LLC
  • Barbaricum, LLC
  • Battle Resource Management, Inc.
  • BayFirst Solutions LLC
  • BlueWater Federal Solutions, Inc.
  • Business Integra Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • Clearavenue, LLC
  • Client/Server Software Solutions, Inc.
  • CNI Global Solutions, LLC
  • Constellation Software Engineering, Corp.
  • Credence Management Solutions, LLC
  • Customer Value Partners, Inc.
  • Decypher Technologies, Ltd
  • DKW Communications, Inc.
  • DSFederal, Inc.
  • EMW, Inc.
  • Encentric, Inc.
  • Evanhoe & Associates, Inc.
  • Excellus Solutions, LLC
  • Exeter Government Services, LLC
  • Federated IT, Inc.
  • Goldbelt Hawk, LLC
  • Grove Resource Solutions, Inc.
  • Halfaker and Associates, LLC
  • Halvik Corporation
  • Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC
  • Highlight Technologies, LLC
  • ICS-Nett, Inc.
  • InCadence Strategic Solutions Corporation
  • Incentive Technology Group, LLC
  • Innovative Management Concepts, Inc.
  • InquisIT, LLC
  • Inserso Corporation
  • Interimage, Inc.
  • Koniag Services, Inc.
  • Link Solutions, Inc.
  • LinkTec, LLC
  • LinTech Global, Inc.
  • MetroStar Systems, Inc.
  • Network Security Systems Plus, Inc.
  • New Generation Solution, LLC
  • NikSoft Systems Corporation Paragon Technology Group, Inc.
  • Procentrix, Inc.
  • *Product Data Integration Technologies, Inc. dba Modulant
  • Pro-Sphere Tek, Inc.
  • Qbase, LLC
  • Sentar, Inc.
  • Sev1Tech, Inc.
  • *SNAP, Inc.
  • Soft Tech Consulting, Inc.
  • Solutions By Design II, LLC
  • Solutions Development Corporation
  • Spry Methods, Inc.
  • Strategic Operational Solutions, Inc.
  • Sumaria Systems, Inc.
  • Suntiva, LLC
  • Superior Government Solutions, LLC
  • Systems Plus, Inc.
  • Tantus Technologies, Inc.
  • Technology Solutions Provider, Inc.
  • Teracore, Inc.
  • *The Informatics Applications Group, Inc.
  • The net.America Corporation
  • Time Solutions, LLC
  • Tuva, LLC
  • Usmax Corporation
  • Valador, Inc.
  • VariQ Corporation
  • Vector Planning & Services, Inc.
  • Vista Defense Technologies, LLC
  • VMD Systems Integrators, Inc.
  • VSolvit, LLC
  • X-EETO Inc.

* denotes contingent awardees.

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