The General Services Administration added a new product to one of its governmentwide acquisition contracts this week to enable agencies to add new, high-tech information kiosks to their buildings.

"Imagine walking into your office building, coffee in hand, and the first thing you see is a bright digital display with a color dashboard offering a variety of information, including an agenda with your 10 a.m. meeting on it," Stephen Triplett, director of the Small Business GWAC Division, wrote in a Sept. 15 blog post. "Later, while heading to that meeting, you stop at the kiosk to tap on your building's icon. Up pops an energy readout of near-real-time data comparing your building's energy consumption to other buildings on the network. Before leaving the building for home, you check the display one final time and see that the freeway is unexpectedly gridlocked. A quick tap of the screen and alternate routes pop up that get you home in time for dinner."

Pyramid Alliance was awarded a $2.4 million contract through GSA's 8(a) STARS II small business GWAC to manage the pilot over the next 15 months.

The initial pilots are in the design phase right now, according to Mike Malane, program manager at GSA's Office of Facilities Management and Services Programs, with the first kiosks expected to roll out in December.

The first roll out will include at least 50 GSA buildings spread out through all 11 regions. If successful, GSA plans to install kiosks throughout all the buildings it manages.