Five former Presidential Innovation Fellows and 18F co-founders have been chosen to join the Skylight team, according to a post.

The five individuals — Chris Cairns, Robert Read, Geoff Mulligan, John Teeter and Kin Lane — served as Presidential Innovation Fellows in 2013. Each of the five individuals brings rare knowledge and expertise to the digital transformation firm that will help advance the Skylight mission — "to make government work in a digital world using design, technology, and procurement," as noted on their website.

Of the five individuals, Read and Cairns are the co-founders of 18F. They have contributed their knowledge and expertise to the creation of some core services of the 18F, including Agile Acquisition Consulting, RFP Ghostwriting and Micro-purchase Marketplace.

Lane is a world-recognized expert in application programming interfaces, specializing in API architecture and design, software engineering, cloud computing, enterprise software and data science and engineering.

Milligan developed standards that power the internet, such as IPv6. He is a specialist in distributed and embedded systems engineering, security, networking technologies, and the internet of things.

Teeter has held a variety of senior technology executive positions over his career and is an expert in data science and engineering, cloud computing, distributed and embedded systems engineering, software engineering and engineering management.

Skylight is a digital transformation firm founded in 2016 and headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, according to the website. The company is made up of a diverse group of "impact junkies" looking to create great government digital services that can influence a better public outcome.