Federal employees in the Washington, D.C., area have been granted weather and safety leave for Feb. 20 in the face of snow and ice set to hit the region.

Employees that perform emergency work, are on scheduled work travel or are approved for telework will still be expected to perform their planned duties for Wednesday.

“Emergency Employees are expected to report to their worksite unless otherwise directed by their agencies,” the Office of Personnel Management news release says. “Telework Employees (i.e., employees who are participating in a telework program, including those who perform telework regularly and those who telework on an ad hoc basis) generally may not receive weather and safety leave. They must account for the entire workday by teleworking, taking unscheduled leave (paid or unpaid) or other paid time off, or a combination, in accordance with law, regulations, agency policies and procedures, and any applicable collective bargaining requirements.”

In addition, federal employees that are already on scheduled leave will still use those leave hours, rather than being granted weather and safety leave.