GSA is looking for a new leader to head up its newest component, the Technology Transformation Service.

The agency advertised the job posting weeks after current TTS commissioner Phaedra Chrousos announced that she was stepping down this month. Chrousos had previously helped stand up digital services like 18F and the Presidential Innovation Fellows.

GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth said in a release that the new commissioner would help shape the future of the federal government's technology strategy.

"Improving technology services is one of the federal government's biggest shared challenges," she said. "The Technology Transformation Service will play a critical role in helping agencies create the most accessible, efficient, user-centered and secure technology for the citizens we serve. The TTS commissioner will be key to achieving this goal."

The position would oversee multiple GSA programs that were designed to streamline digital operations and promote innovation, like 18F, the PIF program, FedRAMP, the Digital Analytics Program and others.

TTS was created in May to help focus GSA's efforts at promoted agile development and user-centered design projects.

Roth said at the ACT-IAC Management of Change conference in May that TTS would provide a permanent resource for federal agencies to tap into agile innovation.

"I really see an opportunity with TTS to serve as a regular space for the federal government to go back to," she said. "We need to have a space that we can test and explore new ideas and new technologies and see how they are applied in a government setting and then have that information shared with other parts of the GSA."​

Chrousos became TTS commissioner in June, after helping stand up the service and many of its pre-existing components.

She said last month that because TTS is similar to a start-up in the private sector, its next commissioner should provide a start-up mentality to their leadership.

"In the beginning, you need someone to shatter some glass and bring people along with a certain vision," she said. "In the next stage, you need a seasoned executive who can scale processes, who can put in new processes, who can really take the organization and grow it. So we've been targeting and hope to recruit a great, seasoned executive. Someone who's taken an organization from Point A to Point B, in the public sector or private sector."

GSA recently added the TTS commissioner job posting to

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