Office of American Innovation leader named to new White House role

Chris Liddell has been named White House deputy chief of staff for policy coordination, according to a March 19, 2018, White House statement. Liddell joined the administration during the transition, acting as assistant to the president for strategic initiatives and an Office of American Innovation official.

In his time at the Office of American Innovation, Liddell established himself as a powerhouse for motivating agencies to enact policy changes coming out of OAI, and for leading initiatives on IT Centers of Excellence and the IT Modernization Report to the President.

“He has extensive experience in managing large organizations and has already overseen a number of interagency processes in the White House. In his new role, Chris will manage the policy process as we continue to enact the president’s agenda,” the statement said.

No word has been provided on how Liddell’s move will impact his work in OAI.

Liddell will work under Chief of Staff John Kelly and alongside the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Joe Hagin.

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