Federal employees that have not received their COVID-19 vaccine yet and plan to get the Pfizer-BioNTech brand have until Oct. 18 to make the deadline for full vaccination under President Joe Biden’s September mandate.

Employees that don’t have a qualified exemption or delay of the mandate must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22, which means they must have received their last dose two weeks prior.

The Pfizer vaccine is a two-dose series with a three-week interval between shots, meaning recipients have a minimum of five weeks from the date of their first dose before they are considered fully vaccinated.

Past Oct. 18, feds can still get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is a single dose, and meet the mandated deadline. Employees have already passed the date where they could get their first Moderna dose and meet the requirements.

Feds that have gotten one Pfizer dose, but neglected to get the second have until Nov. 8 to receive their second shot and become fully vaccinated by the deadline.

Jessie Bur covered the federal workforce and the changes most likely to impact government employees for Federal Times.

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