The following is a question submitted by a Federal Times readers about retirement and other issues facing the federal workforce. It is answered by Reg Jones, a charter member of the senior executive service and a Federal Times columnist.

“I got a disability retirement, from an 1811 position, at age 47 and was denied disability Social Security. My Social Security estimate at age 62 keeps reducing every year because I am no longer paying. Is there a cap on the reduction or will the amount keep reducing and ‘disappearing.’”

Reg’s Response

Just because your estimated benefit went down doesn’t mean that your actual benefit did. What happened is that your previous estimate was based, at least in part, on future earnings. Because you haven’t had any, the estimate - not your real benefit - is declining

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Reg Jones, a charter member of the senior executive service, is the resident expert on retirement and the federal government at Federal Times. From 1979 until 1995, he served as an assistant director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management handling recruiting and examining, white and blue collar pay, retirement, insurance and other issues. Opinions expressed are his own.

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