“I read your article (Nov. 2022) regarding 6(c) positions and employees that are considering transferring to a non-6(c) position. I have a similar question with some slight differences. I am in a 6(c) position with the BOP and I am entertaining the opportunity of transitioning into a non-6(c) position with the VA. I am 49yrs of age, have 24yrs of BOP service with July 2023 being my 25th year. Even when reaching 25yrs of BOP service, would I fall under the same issues of not being able to retire until age 57 and also forgo my social security supplement rendering me ineligible for Social Security until age 62 should I transfer to a non-6(c) position? Also, is there anything that I would be losing on or giving up if I transferred into a non-6(c) potion after 25 years of being in a 6(c) position?”

Reg’s Response

You are correct when you say that after transferring to a non 6(c) position you won’t be able to retire until you reach your minimum retirement age. However, you are mistaken when you say that you would forgo your “social security supplement”. In fact, if you retire at your MRA - or at any time up to age 62 - you would immediately be eligible for the special retirement supplement.

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