“I retired in 2015, under FERS, MRA +10, with approximately 22 yrs, age 56 (born 1958) with a reduced annuity. I am now 64 and thinking of applying for a remote position with a VA Medical Center and perhaps working for a year or two. Would leaving federal service, under FERS, for the second time, be considered a second retirement and would I be entitled to have my previous, reduced annuity for age be replaced with an unreduced one considering that I would then meet age requirements?”

Reg’s Response

If you went back to work for the government, your salary would be reduced by the amount of your annuity and retirement deductions would be taken from your pay. If you worked for at least one year full-time (or its part-time equivalent), you would be entitled to a supplemental annuity that would be added to your regular annuity. If you worked for at least 5 years full-time (or its part-time equivalent), you would be entitled to a redetermined annuity, one based on all your years of service.

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